Gozer T. Cat-Treiber


To obtain employment as a professional rodent control administrator or network wiring technician.

*Stinging insect dissection and elimination
*Roach removal
*Rodent capture and interrogation
*Wire tasting
*Object identification and relocation
*Singing and conversation

Job Experience:

1998 - present Tri-Gon Networks Herndon, VA
General Consultant
Provided attention to employees in order to maintain morale. Also
contributed significantly to pest removal tasks. Initiated wire tasting
duties without prompting from supervisors. Marked, identified,
and catalogued all objects in office area. Posed for pictures which
were used for advertising materials.

*Hunting and stalking
Classes provided by Tri-gon Networks
*Cuteness and general feline behavior
Under the porch in Maryland by my mother
*Wire appreciation
Self taught
*Posing, singing and conversation
On the job training Tri-gon Networks

References available upon request